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Clayfield Family Practice

Looking for a Clayfield Family Practice? Choose Clayfield Medical Centre

When it comes to choosing a Clayfield family practice, you need a team who will be able to respond to all the health and wellness needs your family might have. From available medical services to scheduling and the way the doctors interact with patients, every facet is important to consider when deciding who will be your family doctor. At Clayfield Medical Centre, we have developed an operating model that we believe is perfectly suited for working with families.

What You Can Expect from Clayfield Medical Centre and Our Family Doctors in Clayfield

Since 2004, Clayfield Medical Centre has been striving to offer families the finest medical care possible. Here are a few of the commitments you can expect from us if you choose us as your family medical centre:

  • Attentive, hands-on care: You won’t feel neglected or underserved at our practice. Our staff takes an attentive, hands-on approach to caring for you and your family. From friendly service to accurate diagnosis, all the way to carefully tailored treatment plans, our focus on a strong doctor-patient relationship and close attention to detail will set you at ease.
  • A range of services: A family medical practice in Clayfield needs to offer a range of services versatile enough to serve different age groups and needs. At Clayfield Medical Centre, our services are suitably diverse, including children’s health, women’s health, general health and even minor surgery.
  • A focus on overall health and wellness: Often, people only go to the doctor when they have some sort of health or medical complaint. While treating illness and disease is certainly part of our job description, it isn’t the whole thing. On the contrary, our practice is largely defined by a drive to help patients achieve long-term health, wellness and happiness. We look at the bigger picture, taking a holistic medical approach to help your body heal itself naturally.

What Sets Clayfield Medical Centre Apart as a Clayfield Family Practice

What are the points of difference that you can expect when you decide to work with Clayfield Medical Centre and our family doctors in Clayfield? Here are a few of the differentiating factors that our patients value most:

  • Our easy scheduling: Getting in to see the doctor shouldn’t be difficult or inconvenient. With Clayfield Medical Centre, it isn’t. We are open 8am to 6pm Monday through Friday, and have Saturday hours from 9am to noon. In addition, we offer walk-in appointments during business hours and emergency services outside of them.
  • Our multilingual staff: We seek to serve a more diverse array of patients with our multilingual staff. In addition to English, we also have doctors who speak both Mandarin and Cantonese.
  • Our natural approach: There is so much talk in the medical community about the latest medications, equipment or surgical techniques. Sometimes, natural strategies can be the most effective treatment. We utilise a natural approach wherever possible, using things like lifestyle tweaks and dietary changes to rewrite your wellness story.

Why Choose Clayfield Medical Centre?

If you are looking for a family practice in Clayfield, look no further than Clayfield Medical Centre. We will give you and your family the attention, friendly service and detail-driven treatment you deserve. From your very first consultation with us, you will know that you are in good hands. Contact us today to schedule that consultation.