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Minor Surgery – Clayfield, Brisbane.

Did you know that our general medical practice in Clayfield offers several minor surgical procedures performed right in the comfort of our own facility? Our team of seven skilled doctors is happy to offer everyday treatments to offer you the relief you’re looking for, including:

Wound Sutures

If you’ve suffered a non-life threatening skin laceration, our team of skilled professionals can happily assist you with stitches or sutures. Our knowledgeable staff will do our best to minimise scarring and pain.

Skin Lesion Removal and Foreign Body Removal

For minor skin lesions and non-threatening foreign body injuries, our team is pleased to offer in-practice removal for your convenience. Though each patient’s needs will be unique, we’re generally able to act on such treatments swiftly and effectively, using a local anesthetic to diminish any pain felt.

Ingrown Toenails

A common occurrence for many patients, living with ingrown toenails is no fun! We’re pleased to offer quick removal of ingrown toenails at our Clayfield practice that are essentially pain free.

Skin Cancer Checks and Treatment

We recommend having a skin cancer check as a part of your physical exam. If you have a family history of skin cancer, be sure to let us know at your appointment. A skin cancer check is a harmless, pain free procedure that involves a doctor reviewing your skin for abnormal moles or marks. Should we deem anything “suspicious”, we’ll explain your options for treatment and testing straightaway, resolving the issue promptly and effectively.

Sunspot Removal

Noticing unsightly sunspots on your face, hands or other body parts? We’re happy to offer non-invasive solutions to diminish their appearance.


If you deal with frequent earaches or infections, removing built-up earwax with a non-invasive procedure known as “ear-syringing” can offer you great relief. This in-practice solution is performed quickly and without the need for numbing medication. Most patients feel incredible relief following their visit.

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