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Services at Clayfield Medical Centre

Woman holding paper cutout of familyIt’s our goal to provide patients with first-rate general health services that span a variety of conditions and ailments.

When you choose us for your care, you can rest easy knowing that our team of seven educated and experienced doctors will look at your specific needs in order to devise a care plan that’s exactly what the doctor ordered.

General Health

A healthy, happy patient is our top priority, and if you’re looking for a general or family practice in Clayfield, you’ve come to the right place.
Read more about our general health offerings.

Women’s Health

From family planning services to Pap Smears and pre/post pregnancy care, our team of renowned doctors have the knowledge and skill necessary to ensure excellent medical care for women of all ages.
Read more about women’s health options.

Children’s Health

At our practice, we understand there’s nothing better than a healthy, happy child. We happily offer childhood vaccinations, general office visits, and post-birth checkups.
Read more about our children’s health services.

Minor Surgery

From suturing wounds to removing unwanted skin lesions, we are equipped with the advanced, modern technology necessary to perform a number of minor surgeries for your convenience. Read more about our surgical offerings.

Natural Health

Whenever possible, we strive to take a natural approach to your healthcare needs, which includes holistic weight management, nutritional advice, integrative medicine and laser acupuncture.
Read more about our natural health offerings.

Employment Medicals

Our team is proud to offer employment medicals relating to industrial medical consultations, pre-employment verification and VISA medicals.
Read more about employment medicals.

Schedule Your Visit

Ready to take control of your health with a team who wants the best for you? Get to know why so many others in Clayfield have selected us for their care.

To schedule your consultation today, please contact our practice. We’re proud to offer same day appointments, walk-in visits and emergency hours as needed. We look forward to meeting you on your journey to health and wellness!


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