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Billing Policy

Our practice recognizes that some patients may prefer to get medical assistance from their home during this COVID-19 pandemic rather than come out to our practice.

Phone/Video Conference consultations can be bulk billed if the following criteria are met:

1.  Has seen Clayfield Medical Centre as a patient within the last 12 months, AND
2. Has a valid pension card or is a child under 16
3. Either has returned from overseas and has respiratory symptoms  OR has been in direct contact with someone with proven COVID-19
4. Has either:
chronic medical condition,
is pregnant,
is a parent of a child under 1 year old,
is a person >70
is aboriginal or Torres Strait islander >50,
Is immunocompromised.

For patients who don’t fit this criteria, phone consultations are available with no Medicare rebate.  The fees vary depending on the duration of the consultation.  Please call our receptionists for details.

 Fee Medicare Rebate Out of Pocket
Standard consultation:
(Up to 15 minutes)
 $85.00  $39.10  $45.90
Standard consultation HCC:
(Up to 15 minutes)
$70.00 $39.10 $30.90
Extended Consultation:
(Up to 29 mins – for multiple problems, pap smears & women’s checks, etc)
 $145.00  $75.75  $69.25
Extended Consultation HCC:
(Up to 29 mins – for multiple problems, pap smears & women’s checks, etc)
$125.00 $75.75 $49.25
Extended Consultation:
(Up to 30-39 minutes)
 $155.00  $75.75 $79.25
Extended Consultation HCC:
(Up to 30-39 minutes)
$135.00 $75.75 $59.25
Prolonged Consultation:
(Up to 40-49 mins) – for multiple complex problems, counseling, etc)
 $190.00  $111.50  $78.50
Prolonged Consultation HCC: $170.00 $111.50 $58.50
Prolonged Consultation:
(Up to 50-60 minutes)
 $250.00  $111.50  $138.50

Prolonged Consultation HCC:

$230.00 $111.50 $118.50

Saturday Appointments (and after hour appointments 5:30pm – 6:00pm Monday – Friday)

 Fee Medicare Rebate Out of Pocket
Standard Consultation:
(Up to 15 minutes)
$95.00 $39.10 $55.90
Extended Consultation:
(Up to 29 mins – multiple problems, pap smears & women’s checks etc)
$155.00 $75.75 $79.25

*For pre-existing patients (Brisbane residents only): who may be eligible for bulk bill

  • are under 16 years of age
  • have a valid current Pension Card
  • or valid current HCC and was a patient before 01/07/2014

EXCEPTION: Dr Ada Tam and Dr Amelia Stephens only bulkbill new patients who are under 6 years old after 29/3/2021. Dr Tam and Dr Stephens only follow the above billing policy for their pre-28/3/2021 pre-existing patients.

For new patients from April 2022: All other doctors here only bulkbill children under 16 years old.

Discount fee applies to all new HCC holders and new pension card holders*.

Exclusions for bulk billing: Cervical cancer screening, Integrative Medicine Consultations, surgical procedures, first laser acupuncture of each cycle, Insurance/VISA/employment medicals, other specialised consultations. Patients who are not Greater Brisbane Residents. After Hours appointments, and exhaustive or complex consultations may incur a private fee even for hcc holders, subject to individual doctors’ discretion. And from 1 July 2014, all new patients with valid HCC will be privately charged at a discounted rate.

Effective 12/5/2022

Ask About Your Billing

If you have questions about our billing policy, please ask our team to assist you. We look forward to helping you and your family!

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