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Sexual Health Clinic In Clayfield, Brisbane

Explore Sexual and Reproductive Health at Clayfield Medical Centre

At Clayfield Medical Centre, we are dedicated to providing a variety of different healthcare services to patients of all ages. Among those services are options for reproductive health and sexual health in Clayfield, including men’s health, women’s health, HIV prevention and even family planning. If you need assistance in any of these categories, we can help.

The Importance of Reproductive and Sexual Health in Clayfield

Sexual and reproductive health encompasses everything from sex life to the ability to reproduce. Having a doctor who you trust enough to talk about matters of sexual and reproductive health is extremely important for numerous reasons, including:

  • Safe sexual activity: Learning about the risks of unprotected sexual activity—and taking steps to protect oneself against those risks—is important for everyone. Talking with your doctor about these matters can shield you from HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, prevent unplanned pregnancies and enable a smarter, safer and more satisfying sex life.
  • Disease detection and treatment: At Clayfield Medical, we offer services for both women’s and men’s health in Clayfield. Through routine examinations, we can screen for diseases like cervical cancer, (via HPV DNA screen), breast cancer, bowel cancer, testicular cancer and STDs. These routine screenings can save your life by spotting diseases early.
  • Ability to reproduce: Perhaps you and your partner are thinking about having children, or maybe you are already pregnant. Either way, talking with a doctor about issues with conception, pregnancy testing, pregnancy care or other family planning matters can set you at ease and help ensure the best, healthiest outcomes.

The Benefits of Working with Clayfield Medical

When you choose Clayfield Medical to help with matters of men’s health, women’s health or overall sexual health, you can expect strong treatment backed by friendly, compassionate service. Here are a few of the benefits of working with us:

  • The knowledge of our doctors: We have doctors on our staff who are skilled in all facets of sexual and reproductive medicine, from contraceptive implant and IUD (coil) insertion to HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis. This wealth of knowledge enables us to help our patients, no matter their situations.
  • Our range of services: We aren’t just a women’s health clinic. On the contrary, we are a general medical practice with a broad array of services—including children’s health services, weight management, integrative prescriptions, and lifestyle advice, employment physicals and more. Many patients trust us as their general physicians or family doctors.
  • Our commitment to your health and wellness: Ultimately, our number one goal as a practice is to enable the long-term health, wellness and happiness of our patients. Sometimes, we get there by offering smart tactics for HIV prevention in Clayfield. Other times, we get there by helping patients manage their weight and nutrition. In any case, we are there to help guide you towards elevated health and happiness.

About Clayfield Medical Centre

Since 2004, Clayfield Medical Centre has been working to bring a natural, holistic-based healthcare approach to patients throughout the Clayfield area. By balancing the benefits of natural medicine with the latest breakthroughs in evidence based treatment and prevention, we can help our patients and their families achieve healthier lifestyles from the ground up. Contact us today to discuss matters of men’s health, women’s health, reproductive health, sexual health and more.