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Integrative Medicine Brisbane

Integrative Medicine in Brisbane Offers More Alternatives for Health

Integrative medicine in Brisbane is the combination of conventional medicine and holistic alternatives that provide you with more options regarding health care. Clayfield Medical Centre offers you a wide range of options to combat common ailments at any age. Our experienced staff work together to provide you with reliable health care management to help your body heal with minimal side effects. Our holistic approach offers you natural alternatives that can promote long term healing.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of an Integrative Medicine Doctor in Brisbane

Visiting one clinic for your family’s health needs eliminates seeing multiple doctors in different offices to achieve the same results. From pregnancy through elderly care, we focus on a variety of treatment methods that help your body return to better health. We perform a complete examination, including listening to your concerns, to provide an accurate diagnosis and craft a personalised treatment plan. We always want to begin with a natural approach to healing; we take a holistic, balanced approach.

  • Starting with family planning and proceeding through pregnancy, we offer women a safe environment to discuss reproductive issues. We provide you with birth control methods to delay enlarging your family, annual check-ups and are there for you when you become pregnant and help you through the process.
  • After the birth of your baby, we provide regular check-ups ensuring your baby grows healthy and strong. We are here when they fall ill, need vaccinations, and help them overcome allergies and asthma so they can run and play and enjoy being a child.
  • We can handle minor surgical procedures which eliminate the need to see another doctor. We will suture up minor cuts, remove skin lesions and ingrown toenails, and provide skin cancer checks and treatment. We also offer ear syringing, a non-invasive procedure to remove built-up earwax to eliminate frequent ear infections.

Why Choose Clayfield Medical Centre?

Our staff comprises several doctors who provide general and specialised treatment. We are always continuing our education, seeking better alternatives for you and your family. We deliver a multitude of services under one roof in our family-friendly facility. Also, we genuinely care about you and your family’s overall health and strive to alleviate your symptoms in a natural way that promotes long term health. We incorporate nutrition as part of the process to ensure your body has the immune system required to prevent future illness. Our office is available to you when you need us with Saturday appointments and walk-ins happily accepted. We also have an emergency line if you need us immediately and are always here for you to ensure you and your family are living a happy and healthy life.

Our doctors speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English for your convenience and to ensure complete communication. Call us today to learn more about our services, including men’s health and HIV therapies–or book an appointment to get on the road to good health right away.