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We understand that not all illnesses occur between the hours of 9.00 - 5.00 Monday to Friday so we want our surgery to reflect the needs of our patients.  We have longer opening hours which also include access to a female doctor most days up to 6.00pm.

We are open mondays to fridays, and saturday mornings.  

We close on Sundays and public holidays,

NB. Hours may vary without notice



For those hours outside of operation, we have arranged for our patients' care to be handled by National After Hour Home Doctor Services.  They provide a very affordable service and give a great peace of mind for you and your family.  They are the ones to call on should you require a home visit.  Generally, if you feel you are so sick you cannot come to see a doctor, you may have to consider a visit to the hospital emergency.   

 Membership Cost and Cover can be arranged with Family Care Medical Services.

 To contact National After Hour Home Doctor Services phone (07) 3831 9999 or 13 SICK.



Doctors may run late because patients:

- arrive late for appointments

- don't book a long appointment for the problem/problems they come with when they should

- fit in as medical emergencies

or when

- consultations are interrupted by urgent phone calls

- epidemics occur

Medical practices and doctors are NOT in control of the above factors.  However, your help and co-operation will help doctors run on time. 


When making appointments, we ask that you provide our staff with as much information as possible.  This will help us determine how much time you may need with your doctor.  We offer patients the opportunity to book Normal (single), Long (double) and Extended (triple) length consults.  If you have a variety of things to deal with while seeing the doctor, please advise the receptionist that you will need a longer appointment. Please inform staff you need to book a longer appointment for services like pap smears/women’s health check, counselling, care plans, mental health plans, health assessments, insurance/employment medicals or if you have multiple health issues to deal with is crucial in assisting the doctors run on-time.  Emergencies will always be given priority and our reception staff will attempt to contact you if there is any unforeseen delay. 



- arrive on time.

- let receptionists know if you are here for additional tests like breathing tests, ECGs, pregnancy tests, and special health checks, quick immunisations, etc, so that these may get done while you wait to see your doctor.

- call in advance if you are running late, and please cancel at least 2 hours before your appointment (penalty fee may apply in failure to cancel at least 2 hours in advance)

- book ahead rather than walk-in as a fit-in.

- book adequate time for your problem.  Always book a long appointment if you have multiple issues, if you are in crisis, if you want a comprehensive health check, pap smear, employment/VISA/insurance medicals, or if you are a new patient and have a complex medical history.

- come on rainy days, when a public event is on, early afternoons, or late mornings - these times are usually not as much in demand.  Avoid short weeks and the day after a public holiday - these days are always very busy.

Please be realistic about your expectations of what we do...we are dealing with people's health and their lives, and there are a lot of unexpected variables than in other professionals' work. 

If you call up for an estimate of waiting time, it will be only a rough estimate and be aware that things may change within the next minute.

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Clayfield Medical Centre is a Mixed Billing surgery meaning that we Privately Bill patients except those that hold a current Government  Pension Card, Department of Veterans Affairs Gold Card or are under the age of 16 (ie: not yet had their 16th birthday) who live in Brisbane - for these patients, their services may be eligible for bulkbilling (ie those whose services we directly bill to Medicare).  We bulkbill these patients on the proviso that their consultation is not at or after 5 pm Mondays to Friday, and not on Saturdays, and the appointment does not fall under the category of "Specialized Appointments".  The fee structure is kept at the front receptionist and are payable on the day of the consultation.  The fee is to be paid ON THE DAY of service, and failure to pay on the day results in EXTRA $20 surcharge on top of the fee due.  

Health care card holders are charged a discounted fee. 

Patients who reside outside of the Greater Brisbane area are charged standard fees.

Specialised appointments at Clayfield Medical Centre fall under the following categories:

PAP smears

Laser Acupuncture

Treatment Room Procedures

Contraceptive implants & Coils insertion, removal, and replacement

(NB. saturday appointments can be pre-arranged for birth control coil insertions,removals,or replacements, and birth control implant insertions/removals)

Pre-employment/insurance/pre-adoption/VISA medical assessments.

Please be aware that the charges for specialized consultations are charged privately regardless of age or concession cards held by the patient.

Note that at the time of making your appointment, the receptionist will quote you the fee of a standard appointment if you do not notify the receptionist that you need more time with the doctor.   However, a higher fee would apply if your consultation goes overtime or should you require extra services, like special tests or procedures. In such cases, however, you are likely to be able to claim extra medicare rebate if you have medicare .

Home Visits & Exhaustive Visits

Additional fees may apply for home visits,  if the consultation was exhaustive, if significant phone or electronic communications were involved, regardless of concession card or age.

Scripts & Referrals

In general, patients need to have their condition reviewed for continuation of scripts or referral, to assess if their medication is appropriate and to determine what to write on the referral.    Hence a consultation is necessary.  Only under exceptional circumstances would these be provided without a consultation, and a fee may apply (see page titled Our Services).

Late Appointments

When the surgery is busy, it may be difficult to fit patients in on the day when they call late in the afternoon.  For this reason it has become necessary to charge an after hours fee. The fee is $10 above the standard hour fee equivalent.  This after hour fee will apply to appointments 5pm or thereafter on weekdays and on Saturdays if appointments are booked on the day.  All appointments on Saturdays are private, charged at standard fees if booked prior to Saturday, and charged at after hour fee if booked on the day on Saturday, regardless of concession card status.

Penalty for No-Shows

Please respect that sometimes there are patients who want to be seen but are not able to get in, so please do show up for your appointment on-time.  Please advise us at least 2 hours in advance if you cannot make it to your appointment, because the appointment may then be given to others who need it.  There would be a penalty at the cost of the appointment for non-attendance for private consultations, and removal of bulkbill privilege for subsequent visits for pension card patients/children for repeated non-attenance.