The best medical centre in Clayfield

Your health is important to us

 All our doctors have  specialist qualification in General Practice (FRACGP).  

Our doctors continue to frequently undertake professional education to obtain the latest knowledge to manage your health, and participate in teaching the next generation of doctors.   

Our doctors take pride in their committment to their work, and understand too well the importance of good health for a happy and prosperous life for all our patients.

We have registered nurses at our practice to assist our doctors and your health in many ways.  

We respect the privacy and sensitive nature of your records, and prevent any other parties access to your medical records, except with your permission, or if under a subpnoea from court.

Our practice and its facilities are easily accessible by wheelchair.

We have large number of car parks on-site for your convenience.

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    • Clayfield Medical Centre
      533 Sandgate Rd
      Clayfield QLD 4011
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Outstanding Facilities & Accredited Practice



Are you struggling to remember to take the birth control pill everyday?  Are you gaining weight or getting moody from the birth control pill or from the birth control implant?  Do you prefer a birth control that can work for  5 years or longer?  Make an appointment now to chat to Dr Deborah McAlister or Dr Julia Lim to find out that best fit for you in birth control.


* Accident & Emergency

* Pregnancy Care, Post-birth check-ups, Baby checks

* Cervical cancer screening

* Women's & Men's Health & Child Health

* Vaccinations (adults & children)

* Weight Management and Nutritional Advice

* Natural/Integrative Medicine

* ECGs

* Asthma checks and Asthma management plans

* Home medication reviews

* Chronic Health Care Plans (to access medicare rebate when seeing allied health providers eg. dentist, dietitian, physiotherapist, podiatrist, diabetic educator, osteopath,    chiropractor, etc)

* Counselling & Mental Health Plans (to access medicare rebate when seeing private psychologist)

* Industrial medicals, Pre-employment/VISA medicals, 45-49 year old & Seniors’ Health Assessments

* Sports medicine

* Laser Acupuncture for soft tissue injuries

* Travel advice

* Minor surgery (eg. suturing wounds, removal of skin lesions, ingrown toenail operations, foreign body removal, etc), skin check and skin cancer treatment, liquid nitrogen for sunspots and warts, ear-syringing

* Iron Infusions

* Allergy desensitizations & Allergy Action Plans

* Chinese speaking doctors available


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Our promise

We take great care in selecting doctors and healthcare professionals with not only outstanding experience and the appropriate qualifications, but also the human qualities that are necessary in those who we trust to take care of our health.

Give us a call or visit us right away.


We will upload a receipe here periodically under this title...

Mango Jungle Salad (can feed 2-4 depending on appetite):

A bag of "washed and ready to eat baby spinach/rocket/kale leaves (your choice)

2 large mangos, chopped into cubes

150 g Pine Nuts - roasted in oven at 180 C for 15 minutes

Juice of a Lime/Lemon

1 tablespoon honey

3 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

A handful of shaved Parmesan Cheese 

1 teaspoon Sweet chilli sauce (optional)

1 tablespoon of chopped freshly chopped mint leaves

Mix all the above ingredients in a large salad bowl, and serve fresh fresh



Salute to the humble avocado!  Do you know that 100g of the avocado offers:

more potassium than a banana

26% RDA of Vitamin A

20% RDA of Folate

2 g Protein

15 g Good Fats

9 g Carbs (7g of which is fibre that fills you up to help curb craving for other not so good food = helping you lose weight!)