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Feeling tiredDo you feel tired during the day despite having been sleeping 6-8 hours every night?

Do you tend to fall asleep in the afternoon?

Do you also struggle to lose weight?

You may need to see your doctor to have a thorough health check and several tests done to check for the cause.

Better do something about the underlying cause before it gets you.

This was an event on Sunday 24/3/19. Can you spot Dr Debbie McAlister amongst the performers of this wonderful band?

Dr Debbie in the band

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pocket-size heart rythm monitorTechnology is going make a change to pickup rates of cardiac arrhythmias in patients who present with a faint.

A pocket-size heart rhythm monitor has been developed in the US called AliveCor Heart Monitor. It can be worn by a patient upon discharge from hospital emergency whose arrhythmias failed to be detected by ECG monitoring at hospital. It connects to an app on the patient’s smartphone, and can show up cardiac rhythm anomalies over the 90 days after hospital discharge, which would otherwise be undetected. In studies, over 56% of patients wearing AliveCor had arrhythmias detected, versus only 10% of patients given the usual care had arrhythmias detected. Eventually, 11 of the participants had potentially life-threatening arrhythmias diagnosed, whereas only 1 in the group not going home with AliveCor had their serious arrythmias diagnosed.

The ECG on AliceCor can shown to the treating GP during a consultation, rather than wait until they see their cardiologist.

The seniors of our society know about getting flu vaccines before the winter comes. But what about whooping cough, shingles, and pneumonia vaccines? The government promotes free vaccine to guard against pneumonia for 65+, and this may be boosted after 5 years (ie. total 2, 5 years apart). Shingles vaccine is also available for free to 70 to 79 year olds (for now) to lower the risk of shingles. The whooping cough vaccine (pertussis, combined with tetanus and diphtheria) is not government-funded, but important especially if you suffer from a chronic health condition making you vulnerable to chest infections, if you intend to travel overseas soon, or having a grandchild arriving in the family soon.
blog-3-seniors-couple    Seniors
Please make an appointment and ask one of our friendly doctors for more information.

Roses picked from Dr Ada Tam’s backyard this morning. Fragrance 10/10.
Roses from backyard

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