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Employment Physicals at
Clayfield Medical Centre

Truck driver standing near truckIf you’ve been asked to pass a physical exam before an official offer of employment or have a required yearly exam, Clayfield Medical Centre has got you covered. Employment physicals are generally quick and painless, requiring an examination by a renowned doctor on our staff to ensure you can complete your job safely and effectively.

Why Choose Us?

Our team of doctors regularly performs pre-employment physicals for commercial drivers and miners in the community, as well as VISA medicals and industrial medical consultations. With years of experience and a modern facility, we can surely accommodate your needs.

Schedule Your Visit

If you’re in need of an employment physical, we’re happy to accommodate you in a timely and effective manner. Contact our practice today to book your time—we look forward to seeing you!


Employment Physicals Clayfield QLD | 07 3262 1288